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COMING SOON! Sterling Silver Stitch Markers For Chunky Yarns - Fits 15mm/19US Needles

Porterness Studio

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Do you love knitting or crocheting with chunky yarns by Wool and the Gang or Loopy Mango?  We totally do that's why we're making sterling silver stitch makers to fit our US 19/15mm needles.

These soon to be sterling silver stitch markers fit up to 15mm knitting needles and add a touch of luxury to your work in progress.  You won't be able to resist one more row while these markers dangle from your needles.

We're predicting these stitch markers will also look sassy hanging on a chain as a pendant. Just sayin'!

Pictured here are a few mockups 3D printed in plastic for your viewing pleasure.  

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Availability: Ready to ship - Spring 2019!

Stitch markers fit up to US 19 /15mm needles.

Quantity: 1 stitch marker

Material: Sterling silver

Stitch marker: TBA

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