Silver Knitting Post Earrings- Stockinette Stitch/Bar – Porterness Studio
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Silver Knitting Post Earrings- Stockinette Stitch/Bar

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Do you love those minimalist bar earrings but also love knitting jewels?  These sterling silver stockinette stitch post earrings are the best of both worlds.   Look at them one way you see the bar post earring then turn your head to see our stockinette stitch motif. Win, win.

Sorry about the poor quality BW photos.   My studio cat is not familiar with the iPhone, she's an Android lady.

Availability: Ready to ship in 2 - 4 business days

Material: sterling silver

Earring: 14mm x 6mm

Earring back: plastic



Porterness Studio designs luxury shawl pins, sterling silver stitch markers, and yarn-themed jewelry for fiber projects and the body. We create functional statement jewelry for the contemporary yarn connoisseur.

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