About the Artist/Designer of Porterness Studio, Jennifer L. Porter

Every time we choose to adorn ourselves consciously or subconsciously, we connect to a 100,000-year shared human experience in a personal, intimate, and magical way.

Jewelry is part of the human consciousness; it is one of the oldest archeological artifacts known to us. When we adorn ourselves, we participate in traditions that connect us to history, forgotten cultures and rituals like no other gesture can. Jewelry has the ability to connect us to the past, to others, and to ourselves.

I started my creative path over 20 years ago with my first analog film camera, Pentax K1000. The love of photography led me to study art in Chicago for a BFA and later receiving a MFA. Mid-Century German glass beads caught my attention in 2007, which started a collecting frenzy. I searched high and low for these tiny colorful sculptures and once found, I spent hours in a soothing act of combining them into one-of-a-kind pieces. A year later, I took my first jewelry construction class followed by a lost wax casting class, which set me on my current path as a designer.

During my first lost wax casting class, the alchemical process of turning wax into metal amazed me. I was humbled by a technique that was invented 6,000 years ago by Theodorus of Samos, who also invented the level, ruler, key, square and the lathe. As I carved the wax model, I found myself deeply involved in what Carl Jung calls “Active Imagination” letting the shape of the jewelry reveal itself in a type of meditative play with wax and a wax hand file. It’s fascinating to transform thoughts into wax, then cast into jewelry, and to share my personal vision with the world.

Jewelry is healing and rich with history. It has the ability to connect us to the past and the present while being art we wear on our bodies. I create jewelry that will inspire connections with all things remarkable to us.

Jennifer L. Porter is the designer of Porterness Studio located in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California.