Porterness Studio Black Matte Steel 3D Printed Yarn Ball Ring

Black Matte Steel 3D Printed Yarn Ball Ring


Regular price $ 125.00

Black Matte 3D Printed Steel Ring that likes to take up space.


Availability: Ready to ship 2-4 days

Ring size: 7

Material: 60% steel and 40% bronze

Ships in USPS Priority Mail Box in 2-4 days

About the Process -to build steel models, special 3D printers deposit small drops of glue onto layers of stainless steel powder, one layer at a time, until the print is complete. We carefully remove these models from the printer. At this stage of the process, the objects are very fragile, similar to wet sand. The models then go through an infusion process that replaces the glue with bronze, creating a full metal product. Models are then processed to achieve the desired finish, sprayed with a sealant, and shipped to you.


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