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Sterling Silver Stitch Marker Necklace - Egyptian Stars

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This stitch marker necklace was inspired from the stars in the Egyptian astronomical tomb ceiling at Deir el-Bahri of Senenumt, a high official in the court of Hatshepsut who was Egypt's most successful female pharaoh.  Circa 1479 –1458 B.C.

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art website about the Astronomical Ceiling, Tomb of Senenmut

The ancient Egyptians were dedicated astronomers, as illustrated by this schematic guide to the night sky that decorated a ceiling in the tomb of Senenmut at Deir el-Bahri. The figures represent constellations or protective deities, and the columns of text in the upper part list planets and stars known as the decans. The twelve circles in the lower part, each divided into twenty-four segments for the hours of the day and night, are labelled with the names of the months of the year.

Keep your stitch markers in one place and your style on point!  The stitch marker lobster claw holder can be totally removed to wear the necklace without the markers. The necklace comes with 5 sterling silver stitch markers.


Availability: Ready to ship in 2-4 business days

Material: Sterling silver

Pendant: 44mm x 44mm, length with markers 80mm

Stitch Markers: 5 silver markers, fits up to US 8 / 5mm needles

Chain: 22-24 inches adjustable


Porterness Studio combines the 5,000 lost wax casting technique with digital design and new 3D wax printing technologies to create modern jewelry. Designed and hand-finished by the artist in Los Angeles.

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