About The Maker of Porterness Studio - Luxury Jewelry for Yarn Lovers


Porterness Studio creates functional statement jewelry for the contemporary yarn connoisseur.  We create luxury shawl pins, sterling silver stitch markers and yarn themed jewelry for fiber projects and the body. Each piece is hand carved or 3D printed in wax, cast in silver or bronze and hand finished by the artist.



Jen L. Porter is the designer of Porterness Studio located in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California.


I started my creative path over 20 years ago with my first analog film camera, Pentax K1000. The love of photography led me to study art in Chicago for a BFA and later receiving an MFA. Mid-Century German glass beads caught my attention, which started a collecting frenzy. I searched high and low for these tiny colorful sculptures and once found, I spent hours in a soothing act of combining them into one-of-a-kind pieces. A year later, I took my first jewelry construction class followed by a lost wax casting class, which set me on my current path as a designer.