Is yarn your love language?

Do you spend endless hours curating your yarn stash?  Have you been known to rewind a yarn cake because of your desire for a perfect sculpture? Do you eagerly await the newest episode from your beloved yarn podcasters? When you travel are yarn offerings the first thing you search for? Do you collect patterns from your favorite knitwear designer like fine wine? Do you think yarn should be covered by your healthcare provider?

Hello, I’m Jen of Porterness Studio.  I design for people who yearn for elevated jewelry to complement their luxurious handmade fiber creations. I design yarn jewelry, shawl pins, and stitch markers for the pilgrimage to the local yarn store or the office so you can always feel like your current project is yarn-related.

What I love the most about the yarn community is when you see someone working with yarn, you know you are always welcome to sit with them.   Each of us has different stories to tell and sometimes those stories are written in yarn. 

Can we be a part of your yarn love story and make personal history together?  Use your needles as divining rods to stay connected by joining the Porterness Secret Society. I love it when you share your WIPs, and finished creations with your new Porterness Studio jewels on Instagram. When you tag me, it truly makes my day!

Your fellow yarn lover,



 About the Artist



Jen L. Porter's eclectic creative path started 30 years ago with her first analog film camera, the Pentax K1000. Her passion for fine art led her to study photography, film, and video art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Art.  Jen also received a Master of Fine Art from the California Institute of the Arts.

Her video art screened across the country, including the Armory in Pasadena and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.  Jen’s embroidery work appeared in the book, PUSH Stitchery, curated by Jamie Chalmers.

Jen is an adjunct professor at Saddleback College.  She lives in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, where she works on creating jewelry for her company, Porterness Studio.


We Support

Black Lives Matter 


LGBTQ rights


We Believe

Health care is between a women and her doctor 

You are entitled to your own opinions, respectfully