During Jen's first lost wax casting class in 2014, she was amazed by the alchemy of turning wax into metal and was humbled by a process which was invented 6,000 years ago by Theodorus of Samos. During that experience she found herself deeply involved in what Carl Jung calls “Active Imagination,” letting the shape of the jewelry reveal itself through a type of meditative play with wax and file. It’s fascinating to transform thoughts into wax, cast that wax into jewelry, and then share thought-forms with others.

Bunny Liberation Ring, 2015,  Sterling silver


Moose Spirit Animal Ring, 2015, sterling silver



 Getting Into The Vortex Ring, 2015, sterling silver






 Out Of The Vortex Ring, 2015, Sterling silver



 What Bunny Wants, Bunny Gets Ring, 2015, Sterling silver