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Sterling Silver Stockinette Stitch Blanket Ring with Knitting Needle Motif

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Show the world your commitment (addiction) to yarn is real! Porterness Studio Sterling Silver Stockinette Stitch Ring with knitting needle side motifs is the perfect complement to any handmade garment.

The pendant is digitally created by the artist, 3D printed in wax, cast traditionally in Los Angeles, and finished by Porterness Studio.


Availability: Ships in 2-4 business days

Material: Sterling silver

Height: 24.5 x 14mm


Sizes 12 and 13 are made to order.  Please allow 2 weeks for production.  If sold out, please contact us.  


Need to know your size?  We have ring sizers!

Ring sizer image





Porterness Studio designs functional luxury jewelry for the contemporary yarn connoisseur.  We create shawl pins, sterling silver stitch markers, and yarn-themed jewelry for fiber projects and the body.

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