Porterness Studio Sterling Silver Half Full Demi-Sec Stitch Marker Necklace
Stitch Markers Necklaces

Sterling Silver Half Full Demi-Sec (or Bobble Stitch) Stitch Marker Necklace

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This new stitch marker necklace was digitally created, 3D printed in wax, and cast traditionally in Los Angeles. Each piece is hand-finished by the artist.

If I weren't at the jewelry bench, I would make "Make Bobble Cardigan" by Nerigan Runk to match this necklace. 


Availability: Ships in 2-4 business days

Material: Sterling Silver

Pendant: 40mm x 40mm/ with stitch markers 75mm x 40mm

Stitch Markers: 5 sterling silver

Chain: 22"-24" chain


Ships by way of USPS Priority Mail

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