Porterness Studio Stockinette Stitch & Demi-Sec Stitch Markers Necklace

Stockinette Stitch & Demi-Sec Stitch Markers Necklace- In Case Of A Knit Marker Emergency

Porterness Studio

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In case of a stitch marker emergency - take off your necklace.  Show the world your commitment (addiction) to yarn is real while being prepared with a sterling silver stitch marker.  Porterness Studio Stitch Marker Necklace is the perfect compliment to any handmade garment.  


Availability: Ready to ship in 1-3 days

Material: Sterling Silver

Pendant/Stitch marker: 18mm x 5mm fits up to 8mm knitting needles

Chain: 18 inches

Clasp: 10mm for easy use


Porterness Studio creates functional luxury jewelry for the contemporary yarn connoisseur.  We create shawl pins, sterling silver stitch markers and yarn themed jewelry for fiber projects and the body. Each piece is hand carved or 3D printed in wax, cast in silver or bronze and hand finished by Porterness.

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